Electric balance car GB official pro
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December 12, China Intelligent Short-distance Transport Industry Innovation and Development Forum and the China International Chamber of Commerce Intelligent Short-distance Traffic Professional Committee Working Group (chips) to set up the General Assembly announced the smart short-distance traffic industry has been the national standard, the first electric balance car GB " Technical conditions "and" electric balance car safety requirements and test methods "has also been officially drafted.

It is understood that China's intelligent short-distance traffic industry as China's independent intellectual property rights of the rapid development of the sunrise industry, mainly including the balance of cars, twists and turns, electric scooters and a variety of extension products, gathered more than 80% of the global knowledge Property rights and more than 90% of production capacity. However, the industry is currently no national quality standards, in the United States, the European Union and other major export markets exist intellectual property rights and product quality disputes.

In this context, the China International Chamber of Commerce intelligent short-distance traffic professional committee preparatory working group. The working group will prepare the first professional committee of China's intelligent short-haul transportation industry. After the establishment of the industry organization work group, will be in the intellectual property, legal protection, industrial chain collaboration and so on to help the industry development.

"China's smart short-haul traffic industry has a bright future and has affected the development of the world's short traffic." The establishment and national standards of the China International Chamber of Commerce's Intelligent Short-distance Traffic Committee Preparatory Working Group has been established in China. Quality certification (CQC) standards, will regulate the market play a positive role in enhancing the overall level of China's intelligent short-distance traffic manufacturing, and thus promote the development of national industry. Nainbo company will have the majority of independent research and development strength of innovative intelligence Short-distance transport enterprises to develop and promote the development of China's global development. "It is understood that Nainbo is millet eco-chain enterprises, has been the production of nine balance car operators, had support in the millet had acquired the balance car originator , The international balance car giant Segway.

The meeting announced that the first batch of electric balance car GB "electric balance vehicle general technical conditions" and "electric balance vehicle safety requirements and test methods" has been officially drafted and approved in a year later. The introduction of these two national standards will completely change the domestic balance of the relevant industries without quality and safety supervision of the state, the relevant market will play an important regulatory role.

The meeting also announced the China Quality Certification (CQC) standard for the intelligent short-distance transportation industry. CQC is currently the only national official certification, which covers vehicle safety testing, such as performance, machinery and key components of the requirements. It is reported that CQC certification platform has been on the line, there are already some enterprises into the work of the standard identified, and electricity platform Jingdong Mall also said it will actively support the CQC certification standards, through the standard certification for intelligent short-distance traffic products and enterprises Significance.

However, the relevant work departments and companies involved in the development of standards did not disclose more details of the standard